Samsung surpasses Apple in the smartphone market

2 02 2012

Apple returns to first place at the end of last year. But Samsung is to grow more

In the eternal battle for supremacy in the smartphone market Apple has surpassed Samsung in the last quarter of last year. The evaluation is yet another by Juniper Research. According to industry market analysis, about 25 percent of the 149 million smartphones sold worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2011 were marked Apple. So while Apple has regained the top spot, the Korean electronics giant has scored a remarkable four-fold increase in its market share over the same period of 2010, rising from 4.7 to 21.7 for percent. The growth of Samsung is one of the reasons why Apple’s market continues to offer lower prices than previous models most innovative: Despite the success of sales of the iPhone 4S return to the podium a number of Apple also depends on continuing to offeriPhone 3G, the launch of which dates back to 2009. On the other hand the wide range of offerings from Samsung is saturating the market in the mid-range and high end.

In the first three quarters of 2011, Apple and Samsung have exchanged the top spot, while other manufacturers have been watching with positions unchanged.Taiwan’s HTC is the only company in the Top Five to show significant growth year on year. According to Juniper Research, the company sold 12 million smartphones in the quarter. Despite the vicissitudes of RIM, a point is stable deliveries of Blackberry remain stable year on year to 14.4 million units. Bad news, but expected, for Nokia, whose deliveries were down 31 percent year over year.

According to Yankee Group survey 30 percent of consumers who intend to purchase a smartphone over the next six years is divided between an iPhone or an Android device. Between 14 per cent of current owners of a Windows Mobile Phone only 9 percent are considering purchasing a new Windows Phone. The company expects that sales will reach 175 million mobile handsets in 2015.


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